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Dental Implants – What to Expect
When you are in need of a dental implant, you have options. Your dentist or oral surgeon will be able to recommend the right treatment for you. Asking questions and understanding the procedure is important before you make a decision. A dentist is the best person to give you an idea of what to expect from the procedure. Listed below are some of the things you should expect from your dental implant procedure. Hopefully, these will help you make an informed decision.

You must also maintain a good oral hygiene. Using special brushes to clean your teeth and surrounding metal posts is essential for the success of the procedure. Visiting your dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups is also important to keep your implants functioning correctly. Patients should avoid bad habits that may harm their new teeth, such as grinding or chewing on hard objects. Tooth-staining products are also harmful to your teeth and could chip the new ones. Patients who grind their teeth should seek treatment to stop the grinding of their teeth.

The titanium implant is the material used for dental implants. It mimics the shape of the natural tooth root. Titanium implants are durable and can fuse to bone over time. This process is called osseointegration. During the healing period, bone cells will attach to the implant. The procedure may take several months. A thorough dental exam is necessary before the procedure can be performed. A thorough dental exam may include X-rays, 3D images, models of the mouth, and other tests.

Dental implants require a number of appointments and are expensive. Depending on your treatment, they may be the only option for a missing tooth. A dental implant is not a quick fix for any dental condition, but it can be worth the investment if your oral health is healthy. In addition to dental implants, there are underlying oral problems you should be aware of. Tooth decay and gum disease can make them less effective. Your dentist will recommend the best treatment for you.

One of the best advantages of dental implants is that they do not require the reduction of nearby teeth. A traditional tooth-supported bridge requires the removing of adjacent teeth. This causes additional bone loss and a “sunken” appearance of your facial features. Because dental implants integrate with bone, they help preserve your jawbone’s youthful appearance. These benefits can help you boost your confidence, enjoy better oral health, and feel better about yourself. And they are worth the price.

After you’ve had your dental implants, your dentist will attach the crown and bone graft. The metal post will be inserted into the jawbone, which will serve as your tooth root. This process will take about six to twelve weeks to complete. Once the jawbone has fully healed, the crown will be attached. But you will have to wait three to six months for the final result. So, the sooner you schedule your surgery, the better.

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