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Hamilton Electronics is the leading global supplier of high performance,was established in the year 1989.all kinds of consumer ELECTRONICS serving a variety of applications and markets. Our unique expertise in acoustic technology has enabled us to maintain a leading position in the hearing aid transducer marketplace. More recently, our advanced acoustic technology has expanded into the consumer electronics (mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players, laptops,cameras, Video Games ,Tvs, Musical Insturments) markets. As a complete acoustic solutions provider, we offer the world’s first surface ELECTRONICS product . As the market leader for over 30years, The company has operations in USA, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Taiwan and parts of Europe. At Hamilton Electronics, we make life, not just a living. Join us today!
Company Details
Company Name ,Hamilton Electronics
Address 155 Harpers Ferry Road,Beaver Falls,United States
Zip Code ,PA 15010
Country ,United States
Contact Person :Mr Morgan Babel

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